Bob Reinhardt

Reinhardt writes on his personal journey with painting, “Three years ago I took action on a desire to once again start the process of exploring painting. This time around I chose to forego large colorful abstracts for the theme of landscapes rendered in watercolor and some mixed mediums. I have totally immersed myself in the many experiences that painting can afford an artist. In the beginning, the process was a bit slow. I needed to once again find my footing, rediscover lost skills and find some new ones to strengthen my visual voice. Three years on I am now ready to push forward and see what lies on the horizon. All of these new creative experiences will also be brought back into my classroom. I can now use my new adventures in painting as a talking point with many of my students. The artistic journey, the creative process, the visual decision-making, all of it is part of a process that the students are just beginning to step into as they take their studies in art seriously. I feel in a strange way I too am still on that journey and the act of actively making art supports my own personal artistic journey as it enhances the level of resources I can offer my students.”

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