Daniel Feeser

Daniel Feeser attempts to quench a thirst to belong to the aging world around us. He illustrates environments that are not framed in time but layered in history and bound to the present. Daniel replicates natural processes and because of this, the works dynamically change over time by interacting with temperature and humidity. The main medium that Daniel uses is metal that has not been treated or sealed, which allows it to respond to its environment.  

The machined and industrial qualities of metals seem to counter the idea of nature. To break this belief, Daniel corrodes and ages the metals, which creates a patina on the steel, copper, and brass pieces. The colors, textures, and organic forms bridge these industrial products back to nature. Just like every organic thing in our world, these pieces will continue to age and slowly break down. Daniel Feeser depicts the beauty of age and our inherent relationship to nature, a relationship that is never static.  

We are not framed in time but layered in history. 

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