Erin Murray

Erin Murrary is interested in exploring subtle aspects of lived experience with a practice rooted in drawing. Murray's recent work describes an alignment of interiority and exteriority, or projection of mental imagery onto the inert surfaces of our surroundings. Here, reverie mingles with the deeply encoded meanings of our buildings, furniture and design objects, drawing out the delightfully human nature of our decorative habits, from the transcendent to the corrupted and absurd.

With tactile surfaces and breathable illusionistic space Murray alludes to a more sensorial experience of the built environment, one that allows for peripherality, haptic feedback, weighted details and personal associations; phenomena more aligned with actual architectural experience than a stylish heroic image.

Ultimately Murray aims to hold the sharp palpability of lived experience in balance with its ambiguous and ephemeral dimensions, highlighting the embodied nature and empathetic possibilities of our constructed world.

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