Irene Nunn

Nunn writes on realistic art and her work as an artist, "As art moved modern, realistic art remained cherished. Its value is in the human touch, the small areas of imperfection that reveal the artist’s state of mind. The apogee of realistic art is the portrait. It represents an appreciation of the individual and serves as an example of the period in which he or she belongs. My goal is to represent the subject with character, color and poetry. Portraiture is a demanding taskmaster requiring astute observation, faithful rendering, and, most difficult of all, capturing the essence, the "who "of this subject. Portraiture is difficult but gratifying. Currently, I am seeking to engage in a kind of portraiture that does not lessen my attention to detail but allows for a more playful approach toward its final expression. Increasingly, landscapes have become rewarding in a different way than does portraiture. My favorite medium has always been pastels for landscapes and only recently have I crossed over to oil painting. Although easily identified as realistic, I have found a greater freedom to  
experiment with color and form. Landscapes are first created then sold, not the opposite. And they don't complain." 

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