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Collection: Jane Schnitzer

In 2009, I moved to Philadelphia to study realist drawing and painting, from life, at Studio IncamminatiI was at the school as a full time student until 2012. 

And then there have been the forays: 

Silversmithing at Tyler—continuing at Nextfab 

Bronze Foundry at PAFA---under the amazing tutelage of Pavel Efremoff 

 More painting workshops—various media—at PAFA and Fleisher 

 Silkscreening—also at Fleisher 

 Photo classes at Philadelphia Photo Arts 

Studio Practice--Concurrent with all the adventures above, for the past eight yearsI have been developing a body of work in assemblage-- using plastic, primarily polyethelene film and Amac boxes.  It’s all about the color. 

These efforts came to fruition last Fall, with a solo show at the Metropolitan Gallery in Philadelphia. It was a retrospective of all my work in the medium of plastic. Truly an amazing opportunity. 

 At this years POST, I’ll be reviewing the methods and materials and philosophy behind that practice. 


Thank you Philadelphia for all you offer in the arts!!!