Janice Merendino

Merendino's work expresses her belief that we only see glimpses of what is going on around us and rarely have a full understanding of any situation or feeling. For Merendino, this fragmented view is best expressed through layers and sections. The vertical format allows her to suggest these multiple and simultaneous perspectives in different areas of one piece.   

Merendino likes the tension between the tight control and hard edges of cut paper against the loose and open flow of the ink. This contrast satisfies her personal need for quiet containment, while allowing for surprise, risk, and freedom. 

She first traveled to Japan as a college student to study ceramics and in 1982 had a solo exhibition of her ceramic work and ink paintings in Tokyo. Since then Merendino has returned to Japan multiple times to study calligraphy and learn the traditional "urauchi" scroll mounting techniques that she uses in her work. 

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