John Attanasio

John Attanasio on why and how he paints: "I paint primarily to capture beauty and light based on my observations of people, places and things. As I paint, I often find myself reliving a moment in time or a feeling about the subject.

My preferred method is to paint from direct observation, 'from life' – studio models, still life set-ups, and occasional plein air forays into the city or the countryside. For practical reasons, I often develop my paintings by first photographing a scene, a person or a site for later use as a reference. The instant of making a reference photo is the point at which I begin to exercise creative control over subject matter, point of view and composition. My photograph then serves as a guide to constructing a painting in the studio, where I have greater technical control over the physical painting process than I would outdoors. Sometimes I just use my imagination. My paintings are representational, but my style is flexible: it varies between realist and impressionist styles depending on subject matter and mood...The subjects of my paintings usually reflect an interest in specific people, places or things."