JP Weber

JP Weber (aka John Hamster) is a former banker turned self taught artist who paints acrylic on canvas -using different tools and techniques and vibrant expressive colors. Weber had been in banking for 15 years when he came to a breaking point in 2016. He found himself repeating patterns from childhood that led him to be overworked, not present in his 3 daughters’ lives, and not honoring his own self. It was this awakening experience in 2016 that led him to start painting -“I feel like I need to paint". The only way to keep his own mental health in check was to validate himself through art. He left his high paying banking job in 2016 -since then he has been painting and hasn't turned back. He has also created thousands of pattern designs from his art, which are now printed on fabric and used for products like pouches, masks, table linens, pillows and soon clothing. Through his creative works, Weber’s hope is to inspire people to be who be who they were meant to be, and to raise awareness about mental health. He and his wife Lindsey are working in their community to give back through art with their organization, Luvyabuns. 

Instagram: @johnhamster

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