Marguerita Hagan

What does light talk about? I asked a plant that once.
 It said, ‘I am not sure, but it makes me grow’
 – Thomas Aquinas, 1225 – 1274

Oak trees know. Their roots graft into one flesh so they may share mutual sustenance, benefiting the community as a whole. When one tree is in need, the healthy ones direct their energy in support. Microscopic marine organisms form the basis of all life on our planet and connect in exquisite systems or colonies. These one-cell plankton gems, our primary producers provide over 50% of the oxygen for the planet with light from the sun. Rich diversity and reciprocal sharing power thriving communities and environments. This light-giving flow has enabled all life to thrive for eons.

Inherent potential realized moves everything, even light itself. 

It certainly moves Marguerita Hagan. Hagan's work is a response to this light. The interdependent forms and projects grow in a continuous heliotropic adventure, energized with every opportunity and connection.

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