Melissa Husted-Sherman

Husted-Sherman speaks on painting and her process, "A painting is a search for equilibrium. I want to balance representation and abstraction, simplicity and complexity, geometric and organic forms, order and chaos. A painting should hold together from a distance, but reveal hidden worlds upon close inspection.

My initial objective is to capture the beauty of an individual moment. I am not attempting to make a copy of a scene, but to capture the essence of an experience. Recently, the still-life has been dominating my work. I see the scene as an abstract arrangement of color and shapes, capable of endless combinations.​​Ultimately, the painting becomes as much about the process of painting itself as about the initial visual spark. The physical nature of the paint and the surface of the painting are as important as the subject being depicted.

I leave a record of the development of a painting, as each piece evolves as I work. Most of my painting is done with a knife. Using a knife creates a distinctive texture. I move toward disorder, then back towards unity. Marks are painted over, either completely or imperfectly. Paint is added and scraped back. Evidence of the progression of the painting chronicles my exploration and search for balance over time​."

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