Rachel Romano

"I believe that in some way we carry experiences of millennia through our DNA; and that I have been given the gift to express those experiences."

I am a symbolic figure painter. I find inspiration in personal myth, and the stories of others. The laughter, love, and sorrow of our lives fills my creative well. It is this connecting to one's heart that brings the richness of story out in my paintings.

Working in oils has so much forgiveness, wiping out, adding new layers. It is perfect for me and my thinking as I am doing. Nothing is really worked out before I start a painting, consequently my paintings will go through many iterations before they are complete. 

Many of my works are focused around the feminine, and our roles and choices in society. As an artist it is important for me to connect to my deeper self, and question the WHY, the WHAT, and the HOW one sees, and feels. I have a need to explore how we find strength, and change through adversity.

All paintings are created from stories in my head. Swirling, from day to day. Created in the mythological world of my brain. You must look deep into them, and yourself to decode them. Ultimately, I hope when people view my paintings, they are taken somewhere else.

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