Richard Metz

Richard Metz is a 61-year-old Philadelphia based artist, father, husband, former art teacher, writer, and activist with a focus on environmental and social issues. He lives just outside Philadelphia, in Erdenheim, PA. He graduated from Tyler School of Art in 1980, and received an MFA from Maine College of Art in 2000. His artwork since then has included painting on non-traditional materials, sculpture, installations, performance and street theater, printmaking, and illustrated stories. The recent works have been the results of his creative studies of the physical and mythological natural world . He has shown widely and his work is in many collections, private and corporate. Metz has been chosen to participate in artist residencies at different art centers around the country each summer, in places as diverse as Nova Scotia, Philadelphia, Washington StateSouth Carolina and Massachusetts, where he has created an ephemeral outdoor installation using natural non-toxic pigments on the trees.

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