Robert Zurer

"I paint to grow.  

I paint to be taken by surprise. I want to summon the unknown, to wish it into being and then freeze that fleeting glimpse in paint. This 'unknown', once it is conjured, remains ambiguous but somehow mysteriously very familiar, very close.  

It's a trusting search in the dark. It is a dialog, a call and response, a struggle to stay open, and pay attention, and wait. I love this struggle.  

I never plan what I paint, but my paintings have always turned out to be about our human condition, about living with paradox - caught suspended between the earth and the stars. I love oil paint. I love the way it can shine. I love the way it is slick and slides against itself.  

I love the wordless, mysterious meaning of color. I love that color is infinite. I love that it can be always in motion. I love that it can vibrate. I don't want to play with ideas. I want the flow, the juice, the passion. I want to live in the question." Robert Zurer

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