Sandra Davis

Sandra C. Davis is fine art photographer whose haunting imagery is about capturing remembered moments from the past to cherish in the future. Most of her work is printed in gum bichromate, palladium, cyanotype and other alternative photographic processes. She teaches alternative photography classes at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia and teaches alternative photography workshops throughout the USA. Her works have been published in several books on alternative processes including: The Book of Alternative Processes, Second and Third Editions by Christopher James as well as Gum Printing and Other Amazing Contact Printing Processes and Gum Printing, A step-by-step Guide, highlighting Artists and their Creative Practices by Christina Z. Anderson. Her award-winning images have been exhibited internationally and are in public, corporate and private collections. Davis completed her CFEVA Visual Artist Fellowship in 2003.

Davis writes of her work, "My photographs capture remembered moments from the past to cherish in the future. I am a collector who collects in several ways. I collect images through the lenses of my cameras. When I am on location photographing architecture and the natural world, I am gathering. I capture these places in a soft, dreamy style reminiscent of historic photographic methods, which evokes the quality of memories. These encapsulated moments in time and place become part of my collection. I also collect remnants from nature, detritus from humans, forgotten toys, and discarded items. Responding to these collected pieces, I create new narratives that give the objects a special mythology. I seek imagery that explores memory and history along with fictional implications, while maintaining a sense of mystery to be discovered by the viewer."

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