Tai Belize

Tai Belize reflects in her written statement One Line One Color, "There was a period when weeks went by and I had no interest in painting without knowing why. It was not because I was waiting for the greatest of something to appear. I had unfinished work.

Anxiety grew that I lost interest in painting. There was a lack of motivation or inspiration or visions to compel me to finish or start new works. How do you get to the end if stopped by the beginning? I still had confidence that I could create new work, just didn’t know how to jumpstart the process.

Then it occurred that each unfinished painting could use a touch of color, or a line. No need to commit to any more. I became pleased each day did not pass without my painting one line of color, sometimes more. Why was I pleased over a simple act?Then I wondered if painting is no more than work, a disciplined process absent of any precursor of thought or feelings, both possible obstacles to creating art.

I assured myself that the one line, one color approach meant the gratification of creating art is not waiting for the beginning conscious moment of slipping into the realm of self-forgetfulness to create, but that the completion of the work is the greater satisfaction.

One line commitment allowed suspending the desire for motivation. It was a simple act to be performed. Only by believing in the act not the reason I was able to continue to work steadily.

Therefore, I personally believe in one line, one color each day is a good foundation to create art."

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