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The Center for Emerging Visual Artists

Adina Segal, Fireball

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Adina Segal, Fireball, 2020. Watercolor, gouache, and colored pencil, 21 x 21 inches. Work arrives unframed.

Segal writes of her work, "I create to illuminate what I cannot otherwise see. Transformation is at the core of my work; through colors, shapes, and layers, I seek a world outside my physical experience. Moving inward, I create abstract images: moonscapes, skyscapes, and waterscapes. As I paint, watching colors and forms shift, I am seeking something I can’t always envision. These visceral spaces exist outside the flow of my daily life, for when painting, I enter a meditative state. Following my intuition and trusting when to stop and when to work back into the painting, is contrary to how I often exist in other areas of my life. I am a planner, a list-maker, someone who likes to know what to expect. Therefore, making work in this intuitive way stands in sharp contrast to other parts of myself.  It’s the letting go that allows this work to come forward.  I am enthralled by the not knowing, the seeking, the transformation -- the discovery. It’s exciting to work in this tactile way, embracing the tension between my need for control and my desire to uncover the unknown."

Artist and educator, Adina Segal, fell in love with photography in high school. After earning an MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York, her prolonged exposure photographs were exhibited at galleries across the country. Since becoming a mother and witnessing her own sons draw, paint, and play so freely, her desire to try an entirely new medium arose. In 2018, Adina started experimenting with watercolor. By working in a new medium, she was able to let go of prior expectations and give herself permission to further explore. Although the medium is altogether different, she continues to seek a sense of wonder, the same kind of wonder that drew her to photography. Throughout her art, Adina explores realms outside of daily life, spaces where there is room for the imagination to wander and memories to come to the surface. Adina lives in Philadelphia with her husband and two sons. 


Instagram: @adinasegal