Alan Lankin, Summer Garden

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Alan Lankin, Summer Garden, 2020. Mixed media and collage on paper, 8.75 x 7 inches.

Alan Lankin writes of his work, "This body of work consists of mixed media collage on paper and acrylic paintings on canvas. The pieces are improvised.  I shape the works step by step, layer by layer, and the end result reveals itself as I progress.  I am imagining space and time converging into a two-dimensional surface resembling a landscape. 

My process with these works involves using a wide variety of materials, mediums and methods.  I like being able to directly manipulate the physical materials in these small works.   

The media used in my works on paper include gouache, watercolor, acrylic, pen, pencil, graphite sticks, crayons and markers.  Materials include printed & other found papers, cardboard, packaging, fragments from discarded drawings, notebook writings and lists. Methods include tearing, cutting, painting, pasting and drawing.    

I live and work in Philadelphia. My artistic practice includes painting, drawing and mixed media on paper." 

Alan Lankin was born and raised in NJ and became interested in drawing as a teenager.  After moving to Philadelphia, he took drawing and painting classes at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, the University of Pennsylvania and Fleisher Art Memorial.  He has exhibited his paintings in galleries and museums Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Arizona.  He lives and works near Philadelphia, PA.