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The Center for Emerging Visual Artists

Betty Kim, Father

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Father, 2019. Steel and recycled fabric.

Contemplation of one man's life choices as a father.

Betty Kim writes of her work, "I am a visual artist residing in Philadelphia. My work tells the often personal story of human strength and fragility, and how to accept and transform them. What happens beneath the surface? Careful observation of time, emotion and physicality sets the stage. The story unfolds through symbolism and manipulation of materials. 

As a young girl, I would spend hours drawing flowers, bugs, trees in painstaking detail. Often alone, always introspective and absorbing the world around me, I began a lifelong journal at age ten. I watched how my parents were affected by being Korean immigrants in America. And as a Korean-American woman, making my own way in this world, I continue to see and be sensitive to how life transforms me.  

My journey as an artist has taken on many phases. In my 20’s, I found myself restricted by conventional two dimensional medium and my work became more spatial, installation focused. In my 30’s, I struggled with my own limitations of defining what an artist is and what defines art. I was able to shed many restrictions on myself personally and simultaneously discovered an artistic liberation in mind, material and space. Currently, I am following my lifelong dream of being a working artist and find myself in both worlds: touching back on my roots in fine art and also finding expression in mixed medium abstract art. 
What is art? For me, art is creating beauty, truth and hope. When making art, I ask myself some fundamental questions. What does the emotional experience look like as we move through transitions? How can these experiences affect our psychological health and physical growth or deterioration? In my life and my art, I push myself to see what is ugly and to fight it for beauty to emerge.