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Chelsey Luster, Untitled Portrait #1

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Chelsey Luster, Untitled Portrait #1, 2020. Cut painted paper, 18 x 12 inches.

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Chelsey Luster is a Philadelphia-based curator, visual artist and art instructor from Baltimore, Maryland. Her curated group exhibition sfocus on exploring social and political concepts regarding race, gender, and sexuality. Luster's visual art work focuses on intimacy, vulnerability, and privacy through depictions of interior spaces within domestic life. Luster's personal practice shapes her teaching style by her creation of a classroom that encourages and develops critical thinkers, observers of contemporary/historical art and the political movements that influenced the artists, and a student's right to question the world around us. Chelsey's mission as a creative is to design exhibitions that defy ways of thinking about the binaries of our existence, depict the complexities of her identity to form unity, community, and raise awareness, and to inspire children to be their truest selves to create a future that accepts individuality.

Chelsey Luster is a Philadelphia-based visual artist, curator, and art instructor from Baltimore, Maryland. Her work focuses on intimacy and vulnerability through depictions of domestic spaces. Luster has been using bathroom scenes in her work to explore queer black womanhood with regards to lack of privacy, invasion of the black queer body, power structures, and isolation. Her work acknowledges the obstacles that burden queer black women because of the intersectionality of their gender and sexuality and depicts these concepts through the renderings of voyeuristic bathroom scenes.