Sam Koren, It's All About You Now

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Sam Koren, It's All About You Now, 2020. Digital photography, 20 x 30 inches.

Koren describes his work as, "as a way of telling a story. As a film major, I learned to tell a story over the length of a movie; as a photographer, I find myself trying to tell a story in one single frame. My intent is to capture a special moment in time that will conjure up a lifetime story. My goal is to question and emphasize the legend deep within them. I create moods by use of color, or lack thereof it, to emphasis to an object and separate it from the background. By manipulating depth of field, focusing on the subject and blurring the background, I impose a new focal point suggesting a new meaning to the scene. I see my work as a tool for providing the viewer with information, visually and emotionally, so they can fill in the 'before and after' of that captured moment in time, creating their own stories behind the images."

Sam Koren was born in Tel Aviv, Israel. From an early age and throughout his life, he has always fascinated by the visual art of telling a story, if it was by a still photo, movies or paintings. The ability of capturing a moment, a feeling or a thought and projecting it onto a medium for the world to see was something that pushed him to end up at Camera Obscura, a known school for visual arts in Tel Aviv, Israel majoring in film photography and editing. He then continue his studies in New York, focusing on traditional animation and 3D animation and started a long life career as web designer, but he never forgot his passion of capturing that special moments on film and later, in a digital format. Although Sam is fascinated by the old and the decayed, in the last few years, he also found an interest in street photography, capturing random people, exposing their emotions and their vulnerabilities for that split of a second when the camera click. Sam has shown his work in Philadelphia and New York and was one of a handful of members of the Philadelphia Photography and Art Center to take part of their first ever silent auction at their yearly gala, as well as being selected to auction his work at the 2019 InLiquid’s annual Silent Auction & Benefit.