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Rebecca Jacoby, Covid Flowers 12 (l)

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Rebecca Jacoby, Covid Flowers 12 (l), 2020. Ink, Marker & Liquid Paper on Bristol; 11 x 14 inches. 

Rebecca Jacoby writes of her work: My work is about process, materials, and the physical action and activity of mark making. In 2015 I began incorporating linear elements into what had previously been curvilinear work, forming lines by pouring paint onto canvas stretched directly on the wall, then rotating the canvas as the paint drips. The imperfect lines, created through changing angles and gravity, become catalysts for the circular, organic forms I have been making since 2011. These stone and pebble forms and the densely entwined, cell-like shapes that move through them are influenced by the natural world, especially the stonewalls of New England that seem to grow out of and back into the ground in an organic lifecycle.

Process is both a source of inspiration and a means to an end. Starting with the application of a ground on the canvas, I combine media, move collage fragments around the canvas, and use non-traditional mark making tools and a range of media to build dimensionality and increase emotional and physical impact. The formal elements of the piece develop naturally through layering and adding texture in the form of collaged elements made from canvas, foam core, paper, wood, metal and found objects. While working I continually rotate the canvas to achieve balance.

Viewers often comment on how much patience I must have to paint so many small, intricate circles, over and over again. In fact, the work is meditative and therapeutic. I also draw daily; working in multiple mediums helps me to develop ideas and new imagery. The organic, circular stone, pebble and cell shapes in my work illustrate the circularity of my process, which is to move from canvas to paper, large scale to small, paint stick to ink to other mark-making tools, continuously seeking renewal and growth.

Since 2020, after being in shutdown for a couple of months, I started work on a series of drawings that helped me get some of the frustration and anger over so many current events out through a vigorous drawing technique with a varying array of tools. I have also been working on a series of medium-sized scale work in ink, acrylic and collage on heavyweight printmaking paper using calligraphy pens, brushes and various collaged elements to create dense imagery. The new processes and drawing tools I've discovered and used over the past 18 months have invigorated my color palette and practice, sending my work in new directions.