Debra Devor, Spirited

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Spirited, 2020, Acrylic on Birch Cradled Panel, Framed in Wood Floater Frame, 13 x 13 inches.             

Spirited is a seemingly simple painting with vestiges of an earlier painting appearing in shadow and impacting the completed piece. 

Experimenting with color, texture and multiple modes of application is what drives Devor's practice.

Devor's works on canvas and panel explore the use of paper in an ongoing dialogue between painting and collage. She hand paints/mono prints paper as one would handle a brush to elicit brushstrokes on canvas. These painted papers, whether in large cut pieces or intimate fragments are applied to created surfaces; this offers countless opportunities to express color, line, and form. 
An emotional response to strong composition and design is the goal. What you see is not as important as how the art makes you feel.