Demetra Tassiou, Butterfly

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Demetra Tassiou, Butterfly, 2017. Mixed media, oil pastels, acrylics on paper, 40 x 30 inches framed. 

Demetra Tassiou writes of her work, "The themes of my artwork are my reconnections with nature, sea, and the colorful environments that I have yearned for after moving to large urban American cities from the Mediterranean landscapes. As a painter and printmaker, I start my pieces by collecting my thoughts and inspirations. I experiment by assembling etched-papers and collagraphs as collages. During this process, a dialogue develops between two different methods (acrylic / oil painting and print-making) which will eventually show complex of multi-layers artwork on surfaces like wood panels canvases and installations In the past.  I would like viewers to create their own imaginative escape to enter a “journey into the landscapes of one artist’s mind”, as Philadelphia Inquirer’s art critic has described my artwork.  

Born and raised in Greece, I received my Bachelor Arts Degree at University of Athens and my Masters in print making at University of Pennsylvania. During my studies, I received several awards and scholarships from UPENN and Univ. of Athens as recognition of the creativity of my artwork. Throughout my professional career, I have actively exhibited at group and solo shows at a variety of locations including academic institutions, galleries, and museums  UPENN’s Meyerson Hall,  Rosemont College, Pa , Rowan College, N.Jersey, Temple  University Pa, Consulate of Cyprus N.York and Municipal Art Museum of Thessaloniki, Greece. In addition to my professional activity, I have contributed my artwork to charity & fundraising organizations such as the American Heart Association where I designed the program collateral for the Annual Heartball. My artwork has been featured in CityPaper of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Inquirer."