E. Sherman Hayman, SO I WAS LIKE....GIDDY

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SO I WAS LIKE....GIDDY, 2020, Sgraffito and Mixed Media on Museum Board on Canvas, 12 x 12 x 2 1/4 inches.

GIDDY is part of an ongoing series (SO I WAS,LIKE....) that plays with the overused idiom "like" - a buffer, a mitigation, and a reticence to state something with clarity. 

E. Sherman Hayman writes about her SO I WAS, LIKE... body of work: "This ongoing project plays with the current, overused idiom ‘like’, a seemingly benign word that has come to serve several purposes. It has become a buffer providing a pause before the speaker must commit to a particular feeling. It mitigates the adjective about to be used. And finally, it acts as a reticence to state something with clarity.

As a lapsed English major I have frequently, in my studio practice, embraced text as image, incorporating not only words, but quotations, adages, and poetry. SO I WAS, LIKE…. continues this trajectory as it relates to language/image/text, and now highlights my own feelings both past and present.

Memories converge…. Sometimes collide and consume each other, sometimes stay hidden for years and become mind mulch. But emotions lie in the wake, leave a residue, and dictate our states of mind."

Born in Newport News, Virginia, and studied literature at Hollins College (now Hollins University) in Roanoke, VA., it was only after this period, when she lived in Paris for a year, that she committed to becoming an artist, and came to Philadelphia to study at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

Major exhibitions over the past years include those at Cerulean Arts (Philadelphia), Goggleworks (Reading, PA), Lake Eustis Museum of Art (Florida), Rosenfeld Gallery, and Arlington Arts Center (Virginia). Selected group shows and invitationals include The National Liberty Museum, the Peninsula Fine Arts Association (Virginia), Emily Harvey Foundation Gallery NYC), Projects Gallery (Philadelphia), and The Philadelphia Foundation (with the Philadelphia Art Alliance).

Sherman Hayman's studio practice for the past 20 years has focused mainly on social issues (gun violence, politics, death customs), but has always embraced text as image.