Edward Bell, Ice, Bait, Tackle

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Edward Bell, Ice, Bait, Tackle, 2021, Cityscape, Oil on panel, 16 x 12 inches. 

Edward Bell writes, "I was born in Denver, Colorado and started my college career thinking I would major in art. I ended up with a degree in music and worked as a musician and music teacher while playing in rock, jazz and symphonic ensembles before applying to graduate school for a degree in architecture. I attended the University of Colorado and received a Master of Architecture and shortly afterwards relocated to Philadelphia with my wife when she was accepted to the University of Pennsylvania, School of Architecture. I worked in multiple local firms before working as a sole practitioner and architectural renderer for several years before co-founding Lawson Bell Architects in 2008 with my wife where we practiced together for a decade. While working in my office I taught architectural drawing and design at the Philadelphia University/Thomas Jefferson University for four years before retiring to pursue graphic art. 

Art is, among other things, story telling. And like any good story, reality is a good starting point but imagination shouldn’t bow to reality. I’m particularly interested in the history of the City. I often paint cityscapes and the people I come in contact with. I’m interested in why things are the way they are and the hidden story thinly concealed in the environment I see around me, the poetry of the ordinary. It includes the built record: buildings, machines, objects, and the legacy of human industry. If art is a way of expressing what it means to be human, and I think it is, then art can be found here. The twins Beauty and Ugliness often exist side by side as does the visual record of misdeeds, generosity, resilience, and the quiet nobility of work. Great art has been made of these ingredients as shown by Velazquez, Millet and Bellows, among others."