Elaine Soltis, Verde / Green Passages

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Verde / Green Passages, 2019, mixed media utilizing fluid pouring with semiprecious stones from a bracelet, 40 x 30 inches

Soltis writes on her relationship with color, "Color is what I see when I first wake and when I close my eyes at night. I dream in a spectrum of such varied vibrancy. No matter, where I have been in my life, I am guided by color from the grey day to the bright contrasting sunshine shimmer, Far reaching is my search for the most beautiful of all, but at this moment I find that it is as changeable as my mood. Somehow, I am guided by color in my day, as it keeps me company, decides answers, warms me on a cold day, and brings joy and relaxation, to my quiet moments. I think I am so very lucky to have a variety in my palette! I am an explorer, here on earth!"

Elaine is currently a Studio (211) Artist at Goggle Works Center for the Arts, Reading, PA. Soltis has been both mentor and teacher to other artists. She has had the cumulative eight years experience of interviewing other Artists in the region, for cable television, BCTV. Working as a Promotional Trainer and Colorist for French designed Beaute' has given Elaine, highly impacted vibrancy to her palettes. Belonging, heart and soul, to awareness of Wellness, her gratitude is given for being a 25 year Reiki Master.