Francis Beaty, Perpendicularity

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Perpendicularity, 2020, Acrylic and Cement on Canvas, 91 x 91 x 5 centimeters (each panel).

Beaty demonstrates her love of nature in this triptych Perpendicularity with an architectural quality. The contrast of the shades of yellow, tan and black create a sense of flow from panel to panel. The raised textural vertical lines contrast with the random squares of color. Beaty brings the outside in with this work. She maintains the importance of being connected to nature, particularly in these times when many of us have been required to remain indoors. A commercial environment could benefit by displaying this abstraction in their work place.

Beaty’s works are thought provoking vehicles to carry the viewer to a new perspective and heightened awareness of space, texture, dimension, shades, and shadows. Her work has been described as, “…a quiet immersion into an alternate world representative of the artist’s energy, a wordless, delicate beauty juxtaposed by the use of heavy materials: paste, wood, concrete, metal, piping, with softer elements: cardboard, screen, paper and mesh, which leaves one questioning preconceived notions.” She creates work that investigates personal connections through enigmatic, abstract forms. Her process begins with a visual diary that draws from emotional states, emphasizing capsules of time that crystalize feelings and words with color and form. 

Francis Beaty is a contemporary Installation artist, painter and sculptor who recently moved to Philadelphia. She is a certified Elementary teacher with an AAS in Interior Design. Francis is an alumnus of the Baum School of Art in the late 90’s. Francis became Baum’s first Artist in Residence in 2018 with her project IZANAMI- she who invites, involving 500+ students who collaborated to create an Installation in the Walter Baum & Rodale Gallery titled The Arrival. During this six month residency, Francis worked with students at the Roberto Clemente Charter School in her class, What is SculptureThe residency included a camp for the City Parks Summer Program.  As a Public Artist in Allentown’s renaissance she exhibited Square on Grid. Her project The Hatching, 2017 in Gallery 724, was a community project where volunteers collaborated on a floating sculpture made of over 40,000 pages from donated old and used books. Francis has been a member of the Global Art Project since 2018 continuing to create engaging installations, sculpture and paintings shown nationally and internationally. The connections made during an artist residency in France in 2019 resulted in her invitation to participate in the Netherlands Geuzenmaand Exhibition 2012-2022. Francis is known for her multi-disciplinary work and her introspective style.