Heather Ossandon, Floral Fruit Bowl

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Heather Ossandon, Floral Fruit Bowl, 2021. 10.5 x 4.5 x 10.5 inches, Wheel thrown, Wood/Salt fired Ceramics.

Heather Ossandon writes, "Experiences help to cultivate insight into the process and product. The object acts an intermediary, an integral part of the process. Utilitarian objects inscribe the ritual of the everyday, both in my life and in others. My work uses functional ceramics as a vehicle in the conversation on art and its social applications. I am interested in both the specificity of material, as well as the process in which the objects are made."  

Heather creates ceramics that reflect her distinct background. Throughout her career, she has traveled through Asia, Central America, Europe and the United States. These experiences have cultivated techniques and methods that are incorporated into her studio practice. Focusing on functional pottery, and sculptural still lifes; traditional practices and everyday objects are the spotlight of her work. Ossandon operates HEOS Ceramics in Philadelphia, PA, and is a Visiting Assistant Professor and 3D Area Coordinator at Delaware State University. She has shown her artworks both nationally and internationally.