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Jacqueline Tull, I Can Fix Anything

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I Can Fix Anything, 2020. Wood, beads, string, nails, 4.5 x 14 x 3.5 inches.

This piece was part of a series of works created by the artist during the pandemic shut downs. During her nature walks, Jacqueline would collect driftwood from local Philadelphia area rivers that, to her, resembled the human body either in shape or gesture. Once in the studio, she combined the wood with her own disassembled jewelry, garments, and domestic fabrics into assemblages that represent subconscious memories, moods, and parts of her identity.

Jacqueline Yvonne Tull grew up in Greenbelt, Maryland, and attended Maryland Institute College of Art Bachelor of Fine Arts program in Baltimore. She later completed her degree at the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where she had the opportunity to spend summers studying plein air painting and drawing at the Mount Gretna School of Art in Mount Gretna, Pennsylvania, and the Rome Art Program in Rome, Italy. She completed her Master of Fine Art at the University of Delaware, where she specialized in sculpture and material culture studies. She has taught sculpture and other fine art courses as an adjunct instructor at multiple universities, and is currently the Makerspace Manager at Swarthmore College. Jacqueline is currently practicing art in her home-studio in Philadelphia, is a member of Automat Collective, and has exhibited works in the Philadelphia region, New York, and Berlin, Germany.