Jane Schnitzer, Nocturne: Warm, Pieces #2

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Nocturne: Warm, Pieces #2, 2020, Polythelene Film, Amac Boxes, and Lucite, 8 x 10 inches.

Jane writes on her relationship with image making and color, "After years of training as a realist painter, I became captivated by the components of artistic representation and decided to explore. The first stop was image making through the use of value alone, in effect, working engrisaille. I appropriated images from the media. The aim was to capture gesture, in hand movement. My method of reproduction was pixelation. The medium became polycabornate film cut to size, and supported by off the shelf plastic boxes. The scale of the work is intended to to meet the viewer head on. No narrative. Primary elements are repetition, transparency, opacity and reflection. The image is intended to be fugitive. 

Now enters color. It came in through the side door - as an adjunct to representation. But color has its way with artists. It's the main event. Inspiration comes from everywhere. I take particular delight in stealing color notes from iconic works to reconfigure in multiple ways. Once again, transparency, opacity and reflection reign supreme. The impression is fugitive. A joy to last a lifetime."