Jessica Beckwith, Holo's

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Jessica Beckwith, Holo's 2021. 3 formed PETG and Lexan panels suspended from 3 motors rotating rhythmically stretching and spreading light around the space, site specific installation, size variable (sculptures are aprox 24 x 30 inches, diamond shape. 24 sq v. shape, and curve is approximately 31 x 35 inches. PETG, Lenac, monofilament, motors.

Beckwith writes of her work: 3 clear sculptures are suspended from motors on the ceiling and rotate slowly creating a rhythmic movement of light throughout space. The central piece of Lexan is curved and creates a band of curved light that slowly and hypnotically expands across the space based on the time of day and amount of light interacting with it. The other two prismatic pieces create a subtle play of expanding and contracting light as the light in the space activates the sculpture. The central piece is 26" x 30" / 24" x 24" (folded diamond), (prism) 26" x 26" - (sizes may possibly be adjusted to meet the needs of the space. Please contact the artist for more information).

Click here for a video of the installation.