Josephine G. Viviani, Among The Wild Flowers

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Josephine G. Viviani, Among The Wild Flowers, 2021. Acrylic on canvas, 24 x 24 inches.

Josephine writes of her work: "My creative works are influenced by my study in science and fine arts. They reflect also the integration of my experiences as an art educator. I approach my painting much as a scientist, with curiosity and experimentation. As a curious explorer, my painting results in a deeper understanding of our times. The links between our head, hands and heart reveals the emotional well-being of our lives. My play with color, form, and line reveals my joy in painting. Together with a deep appreciation of nature and its symphony of color, line and form, I strive to integrate all these elements in my abstract works. The dialogue and interplay between these elements are reflected in my paintings. By sparking your curiosity, I hope to influence well-being and beauty through my practice. 

In response to the range of emotional turmoil experienced recently, the eclectic collection of work reveals part of my divine ennui.  From deep despair, grief, and sorrow, to appreciation, revelation, joy, and celebration, my works soar on the slipstream of imagination.  

The works are a wish for redemption and well-being for us all, a visual prayer, and connection to our mutual inheritance of humanity, kindness, and gratitude, Enjoy my works with your own emotional and perceptual brilliance."

Following an enriching career as an Artist and Instructor for Moore College of Art and Design, Tyler School of Art, as well as the University of the Arts, and the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education, Jo Viviani is presently focused on developing her creativity in her studio as well as in collaboration with other artists. Her enthusiastic belief in the power of creative collaboration has led her to work with many groups of talented artists resulting in transformative arts collaborations and partnerships.  

Josephine has shown her artwork in group shows at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Woodmere Art Museum, Moore College of Art & Design, the Plastic Club, Springboard Studio, The University of the Arts, the Kimmel Center, Cheltenham Center for the Arts, Ambler Art Center, the Oxford Art Alliance, and at Allen’s Lane Art Center. The two Solo Exhibitions of Jo’s art work at Cellini Art Gallery were successful events. One of her paintings is part of the permanent art collection at the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Her works are in a variety of private collections in the area. She is dedicated to her own lifelong learning, and to the improvement of creative expression through collaboration and continuous artistic development.