Kathy Robinson, Pure Joy

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Kathy Robinson, Pure Joy, 2021. Mixed Media on canvas, 36 x 36 x 1.5 inches. 

Kathy Robinson writes of her work: As my work has evolved over the last 45 years, my materials and techniques have changed in a more or less organic manner. The one constant I notice and cherish, however, is a need to communicate the joy and sustenance to be found in one’s observation of and interaction with nature.The interplay of line, color and texture is for me both mesmerizing and inspirational. Mt Airy is a neighborhood in Philadelphia of gardens, and my long walks during this last pandemic year have provided me the opportunity to see many, if not most of them, marveling at the variety, resilience, and personal flourishes which make each of them unique. They were signs of hope to me. My most recent work employs various mixed media and acrylics on canvas. I usually begin a painting by building up layers of watercolor, fluid acrylics, various gessoes, gels and handprinted Japanese papers. Sometimes , as in my earlier work with batik on silk, I will wax with hot beeswax onto the paper. The gentle tension between line and texture in my expressive floral painting is something that I am always trying to be mindful of. That comes from my years of working with a Tjanting tool, laying fluid lines of wax as a resist on silk in an intuitive manner. My early studies were at Drexel University studying Fashion and Design. As an outgrowth of that, wanting to design a true original, I took a few private workshops and learned to batik fabric . I then developed my own technique of “painterly silk batik”. At the age of 50, I went to Italy and took a summer painting program at the Florence Academy of Art. Upon my return to Philadelphia, I spent 9 years as a Continuing Education student at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, earning a Core Curriculum Certificate in 2014. I work out of my home/studios in my old Victorian twin in Mt Airy. I served as the Head teacher in Mt Airy Art Garage’s Community of Pride Art and Mural making class at Emlen Elementary School and taught silk painting workshops most recently before the pandemic. My work, both paintings and silks can be found on my website: www.kathrynrobinsonart.com And on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drawntothewax/