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Krista Svalbonas, Brunswick 9

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Krista Svalbonas, Brunswick 9, 2013. Oil on Felt, 14 x 14 inches.

Krista Svalbonas writes of her work: "Project 8 is an in-depth analysis of a housing complex in Jersey City, NJ, the Brunswick Estates. As a resident of Jersey City, I lived alongside these buildings for several years, fascinated by their mundane repetitive nature, their rectangular flat façades and stucco surfaces, and their inherent contradiction: architectural roots that stem from an era of rebirth, clean design and unity, turning into the embodiment of social hierarchy and non-architecture. For this series, I chose to work in cold wax and oil on industrial felt, whose industrial uniformity and raw materiality echoes the values the Bauhaus movement saw in simple architectural materials like stucco and concrete."

Krista Svalbonas holds a BFA in Photography and an MFA in Interdisciplinary studies. Her work has been exhibited in a number of exhibitions including at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Spartanburg Art Museum in South Carolina, Howard Yezerski Gallery in Boston, Klompching Gallery and ISE Cultural Foundation in New York.  Her work has been collected in a number of private collections, as well as the Cesis Art Museum in Latvia. Recent awards include a Baumanis Creative Projects Grant (2020), Rhonda Wilson Award (2017), Puffin Foundation Grant (2016) and a Bemis Fellowship (2015) among others. In 2022, Svalbonas will exhibit solo exhibitions of her Displacement series at Riga’s Photography museum in Latvia, The National Museum in Vilnius Lithuania and the Museum of Photography in Tallinn Estonia. She is an assistant professor of photography at St. Joseph’s University. She lives and works in Philadelphia.