Lisa Domenic, Bridging the Gap

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Lisa Domenic, Bridging the Gap, 2020. Oil Painting on Gessoed Paper, 7 x 5 inches.

"One of the iconic red bridges dotting the Tow Path in Bucks County is the feature of this 7 x 5 inch oil painting on gessoed paper, painted plein air in Washington's Crossing, PA."

Lisa Domenic is Temple University College of Allied Health graduate, former emergency room nurse and creative living in Philadelphia with her family who says “I draw my inspiration from city life and the local landscapes I have connected to. I have fallen in love with making little canvas and paper plein air landscape paintings. It has become my absolute favorite thing to do. Being an artist helps me achieve a balanced life that I love it is the art of keeping a GOOD view! Heading outdoors for a bit of adventure and creative escape  provides exercise for my mind, body and soul and keeps me joyful, sharing what I create along the way.  Follow me on Instagram @canvasandpapers”