Makeba ''KEEBS'' Rainey, Africa, America set of 5 prints

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Africa, America, set of 5 prints, 2015-2020, Digital Collage Prints, 8 x10 inches, each, unframed.

A culmination of 6 years of work, this selection is the definitive collection of 5, 8 x 10 inch digital collage prints from the Africa, America series by Makeba “KEEBS” Rainey. Includes: Frederick Douglass, Ida B. Wells, WEB Du Bois, Duke Ellington, Langston Hughes.

“Uplifting contributions to global Black Culture”

Building community through art; that’s Harlem based artist Makeba’s key focus. Her bright and inspired work explores social justice elements of Black Liberation movements, merging the old with the new by re-envisioning ancestors through new media. In a unique process of cutting, layering and building new forms from original photographs, Makeba asks us to look at contemporary and historical icons from a different angle; to recognize their inherent potential and contribution to Black culture. As she re-imagines President Obama and Malcolm X in African wax prints, she reconnects them to the continent.

Originally from Harlem, New York, Makeba is a self-taught artist best known for her digital collage portraits of contemporary and historical Black icons. Makeba is an internationally-exhibited artist, a 2017 Create Change Fellow with the Laundromat Project, a 2018 member of Vox Populi gallery in Philadelphia, a 2018 CFEVA Fellow, a 2018 Season III NARS resident Artist, an Absolut Art artist, and a 2020 NAC Artist Fellow.