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The Center for Emerging Visual Artists

Marguerita Hagan, Flourish Drawing #1

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Flourish Drawing #1: printed on 5 x 5 inch non reflective matte glass, mounted with screw to hang on wall & a stand option

Marguerita Hagan is a ceramic sculptor based in Philadelphia. She is an advocate for the thriving of all life in mutually sustainable communities and environments. The concept of interdependence plays throughout her sculpture, teaching and community arts.  

Throughout her career, Hagan has brought to light the beauty and engineering of our planet’s diverse ecosystems and our powerful role as stewards. At this climacteric time of change, her work focuses on the largest and essential element on earth, the ocean from its micro to macro scale. The intricate ceramic forms shine light on the wonder and respect for the fragile, diverse life of the sea with which our lives are intrinsically linked. Hagan’s practice is an ongoing discovery, magnifying our awareness, reciprocal responsibility and protection of each other and our planet.  

She received her MFA from Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and her BFA in Ceramics at James Madison University. Her projects include collaborations with artists, scientists and community, environmental art-science residencies, lectures and exhibits nationally and internationally.