Maria Maneos, Red Pond

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Maria Maneos, Red Pond, 2021. Oil on Wood, 3 x 3.75 inches (unframed). Frame is included.

"The Red Pond refers to a pond near our house where a broken winged goose lived (was stranded) for a little while.  The neighborhood came together and scheduled feeding times to deliver bird food and to sit with the goose since she(?) could not fly to find food anymore.  There a also a duck couple that kept her company during the day.  We all knew that the goose had limited time, not because of the broken wing but because of it being winter and the pond frozen over, which meant the goose couldn't sleep on the safety of the water anymore to protect itself from predators.  Inevitably, the coyote who was lurking the whole time waited for the perfect moment to make his murder a feast."

Loosely depicted landscape/nature based paintings meant to rouse a sense of familiarity without presenting a specific location, for the theme of nature is only a vehicle used to present a visual dialogue that everyone can relate to, but not identify with in the same way. This is the first group of paintings in the series titled, HIRAETH (sounds like – he rye th ), a Welsh word that relates to a longing for a time and place, a feeling of nostalgia or longing for a home that no longer exists or never was.
Maneos has exhibited at numerous arts spaces, galleries, colleges in Philadelphia, New York City, and nationally. Her public community art can be found at St. Gabriels Farm in Audobon, PA (Theia, a dazzling display of over one thousand crystal prisms installed around the fencing of the community farm); Montgomery County Emergency Services meditation room (Building 50/Norristown State Hospital grounds), Royersford’s Victory Park, Hopeworx (501c3) in Norristown - a behavioral and mental health advocacy organization where Maneos teaches, creates, and works together with their constituents; Resources for Human Development’s CHOC (Coordinated Homeless Outreach Center), Penn Foundation (Drug and Rehabilitation Facility) Village of Hope stairwell, Mattie N. Dixon Community Cupboard in Ambler, PA, and numerous murals at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility in Eagleville, PA.

Maria Maneos received her BFA from Arcadia University and her MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. She is the founder and director of the nonprofit 501c3 organization, Brush With the Law (Community Service Arts/ReEntry Arts). Maneos engages in short-term and long-term collaborations, particularly with other nonprofit organizations and their constituents, as well as other professional artists, college students/interns, non-artists, municipalities, and socially marginalized populations to create public art in varying forms.
Maneos’s venture to bring people together from diverse, and oftentimes adversarial communities helps her generate new conceptual, theoretical, methodological thoughts and innovations that integrate and move beyond discipline-specific approaches to address larger social issues. She uses art as research to experiment with new ideas and aid in the development of meaningful projects that challenge stereotypes and help bring awareness to and social change for people and their environment. In 2018, Maneos was awarded First Place in the sculpture category and received the Purchase Prize Award for the highly competitive PA Art of the State Exhibit for her sculpture 5535-2017, which represents the 5,535 people who died in PA during the year of 2017 from heroin/opiate overdose.

Her work is in the permanent collection of the PA State Museum in Harrisburg, and collected by numerous private art enthusiasts.