Nicole Michaud, Seven

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Nicole Michaud, Seven, 2013. Oil pastel on paper, 4x4 inches

Nicole Michaud writes of her work: I have a deep desire to create, both to reach out to others in times of crisis, and to heal my own personal scars.  As such, each work is an exploration into myself, as I meander through my past and find meaning in the present. Some works are prescient, some are an exorcism, some are manifestations of what I need at the time they are created. But in each I explore any amount of beauty that is possible.

I borrow from all things that speak to me; shadows on the sidewalk, dreams, memories, objects in my living space, nature, flowers, insects, totems.  Oftentimes several pieces are worked together, such that ultimately they form their own set or series.  Surfaces are covered, scraped, scratched, and reworked.  Through a process of constant revision, the work takes shape.  They emerge into a final image.  

Ms. Michaud was born to a French Canadian family in New Hampshire, U.S. in the 1970s.  Her ancestors emigrated from western France in the mid-1600s, and remained primarily in the Province of Quebec for six generations, emigrating to New England in the late 1800s. 

Ms. Michaud studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia, PA, and lives in Philadelphia. She creates works in various media, and explores themes of beauty, memory, melancholy, and personal history.  She moves between abstraction and representation for many projects, and enjoys finding the intermediate area between the two.