Ryne Fuller, The Gully // Transversal

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Ryne Fuller,The Gully // Transversal, 2021. Oil on canvas, 72 x 72 inches. 

Ryne Fuller writes of his work: I want to move things forward. I want my work to break the plane of our current existence. There are other times & other places that connect with ours. I dig deep and stay close to my gut instincts when comprising a work. I am trying to strike a certain chord, tone & ecology that can ring throughout each work. Painting, drawing, and sculpture allow me to communicate & to feel. Human existence, emotions, linguistics, archaeology, time, the pursuit of truth - these are some of the notions that influence the work that I make.

Ryne Fuller is a contemporary artist living and working in Philadelphia. He obtained his BFA in Illustration from The University of the Arts in 2015 and has since began a consistent studio practice of painting, drawing, & sculpture. Ryne has exhibited his work at several venues in Philadelphia, including James Oliver Gallery, Kitchen Table Gallery, and 2424 Studios. He is committed to his practice and continues to make work on a daily basis. Ryne maintains a working studio in Philadelphia.