Scot Wittman, WRQ Dancer

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WRQ Dancer, 2019, Photograph on Metal, 8 x 12 inches.

WRQ Dancer is also available in 16 x 24 inches, 24 x 36 inches, and 40 x 60 inches. The price listed is for the work measuring 8 x 12 inches. Please contact Mike Mergen,, for information on the other sizes and their corresponding prices. Work has taught metal on the back for hanging purposes.

Wittman writes, "Advancement in bionano, cloning and prosthetics are swift; lines between cosmetics, restoration and decadence will blur. Dancers reify the dream of natural performance; they remind us of our human core."

Scot J. Wittman is a Philadelphia-based artist with an international reach. The recipient of a National Endowment grant, he has exhibited in the Whitney Biennial (in a collective), Art|Basel, and numerous galleries world-wide. Wittman has guest-lectured at Yale University, Rutgers University and Swarthmore University.  Residencies in the US and Europe (Iceland, safely, pre-pandemic in 2020!) have allowed him to work with noted bionano engineers and collaborate with famous dancers; with equal parts celebration and suspicion Wittman shines light on shifting human capabilities and desires.  Dancers, inspirational examples of honed skill and hours of determination, speak towards the best in all of us – they appear in Wittman’s work in dramatic moments amidst striking natural landscapes.  Presentations of completely natural environments force viewers to consider our shrinking resources under the contemporary industrial cover. Wittman received his MFA from Cranbrook Academy, holds the office of Dean of Arts at Rutgers Preparatory School, and leads as co-President of the Independent School Art Instructors Association.