Steve Walter, F4U Corsair

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Steve Walter, F4U Corsair. 

F4U World War II navy flighter aircraft.

Walter writes of his work, "My photographs are meant to capture the power and the grace of aircraft. I am also trying to keep the memory of the courageous men that took the machines into life and death situations for the countries that they loved. I use analog photography as a way to keep this art form alive and vibrant. Medium format and 35 mm images in both color and black & white are included in my portfolio."

In speaking on his relationship with photography, he shares, "I had always liked photographing people and places. I started with simple box cameras and then moved on to 8mm movies. In 1980 I bought my first 35mm camera, a Canon AV-1. After that, my interest in photography really "took off". A lifelong interest in 19th & 20th Century history coupled with a love for aviation related subjects led me to start attending and photographing local air shows. I now use six different Canon 35mm cameras, a Bronica ETRS 6x4.5 medium format camera, and Mamiya C-330S & Graflex C-22 6x6 medium format cameras for my activities. Over the last 5-10 years I have accumulated an extensive photographic array of pre World War I and newer aircraft... All photos are on analog media (film). I feel that film reveals richer color and better detail resolution. Using analog media also makes each photo unique and one of a kind."