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Teresa Chang, 5” cups

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5” cups, handthrown porcelain. Limited edition cups, 2021. Approx. 5" x 2-3/4", 12 oz capacity. $59 per one cup.Made from three different clays - pure white porcelain, midnight blue, and a charcoal colored porcelain. The exteriors are left unglazed for a velvety matte finish. Interiors are glazed with a clear liner.Dishwasher and microwave safe. The rims are delicate, though, so please handle with care.For many people, these cups are not suitable for very hot beverages as the walls are thin and readily transmit heat.

Teresa Chang is a studio potter living in Philadelphia. As a practical ceramist who loves food, Teresa's passion for tableware is natural. She credits many influences for her design sensibilities: early Korean and Japanese pottery, her architectural studies and an appreciation for simplicity instilled by her mother. Teresa finds inherent beauty in forms pared down to their structural essence. Thus, in her work there is no applied decoration, no excess in shape, mass, or profile. All work is made of porcelaneous clay thrown on the potter's wheel and fired in oxidation to 2230 degrees (cone 8).