Tom Herbert, La Belle Assemblee

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Tom Herbert, La Belle Assemblee, 2016. Collage, 11 x 14 inches. With mated, black metal frame with glass, ready to hang, 18 x 22 inches.


Tom Herbert writes of his work, "In my collage and mixed media work, I attempt to reflect and distort the world around me. My method of work involves de-constructing images and reassembling them in a way that creates a new narrative. My work uses abstraction to explore shapes, patterns, repetition, and movement. This fracturing and reassembling of the working surface creates an ambiguity of meaning, like a vague memory of some event or person.”

Born in Brooklyn N.Y., Tom Herbert attended New York City Community College majoring in Communications Arts, and went on to obtain a BFA from East Carolina University, in Greenville North Carolina. He has worked in the graphic arts field as a illustrator and designer and currently pursues fine art on a full time basis. From art school to the present, he has had an abiding interest in collage and mixed media.

“I like the immediacy and repurposing of existing materials that collage offers.”

He works out of his home studio in Jenkintown, PA and shows his work in local and regional shows. Website: