Wild Chairy, Bakhau pillows

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Bakhau pillows, Down and Vintage Fabric, 18 x 18 inches.

Bakhau pillows are a pair of 18x18 inch down pillows covered with vintage fabric from Vietnam on the front, white canvas on the back.

As a graduate of Tyler School of Art, Andrea Mihalik (Wild Chairy) has always loved working with her hands to reveal something new and unexpected. For many years, she loved creating these surprises with her camera, traveling the world as an award-winning photojournalist for The Philadelphia Daily News.  

While taking ten years off to raise her three children, Mihalik took her first upholstery class and discovered a whole new technique for bringing color to life. She knew she had finally found a way to blend her art school education with her photography background in a career that celebrated color, composition, texture, and design.