CFEVA 2021 Members Show/Shop

In many ways, 2020 served as a reset for artists. For some, moving away from the hustle and bustle of the city offered a change in perspective, allowing for reflection and experimentation outside the studio.

As a result, CFEVA members revisited their practice in new contexts. As their artistic identities converged with their roles as caretakers, teachers, essential workers, and members of their respective communities, many of the resulting work reflects a change of awareness – that, in fact, creative thinkers are intrinsic to their communities, and enrich our lives with diversity and forward-thinking.

When the world was on lockdown, when anxieties about the future consumed our thoughts, CFEVA members emerged strong, with new perspectives on artmaking. These artists tapped into their creative flow using a variety of techniques to grapple with and reconfigure their realities, approaching their bodies of work with newfound clarity and immediacy.  

The works in this collection range from paintings and work on paper, to photography, mixed media, and sculpture. Each artist offers a unique approach to working and seeing, some finding inspiration in their immediate surroundings, and others imagine faraway places in a future free of restrictions. While in-person galleries are temporarily out of reach, we are delighted to virtually present the work of 29 of our accomplished, resilient members.

Lily Gilston, CFEVA Intern, Spring 2021, The College of New Jersey Class of 2021

In most cases, 70% of the sales price goes directly to the artist and 30% supports CFEVA's mission and programs.

All work is available for socially distanced, local pick-up, adhering to all CDC safety protocols. 

Local, national and international shipping is available for an additional fee. Shipping, if requested, will be billed separately. To arrange shipping, please contact Michael Mergen,