CFEVA Art Shop: Highlighting Artists from Maida Milone's Collection

This month, CFEVA Board Chair and supporter, Maida R. Milone received a Leadership award from the Greater Philadelphia Arts + Business Council.

In honor of Maida's recognition, we are featuring some of the artists that she has collected from CFEVA over the years. Remember that each purchase of art also impacts positively the artists who create it. Each sale can make a real difference to their livelihood and give them the opportunity to continue their practice, which means everyone benefits. When you purchase through a CFEVA Art Sale, you also help us continue the work we do right here in Philadelphia to support our arts and culture sector. That's why this award means so much. With your help, together with our CFEVA artist community, we help fuel the creative economy here in Philadelphia.

Read about Maida's thoughts on collecting on the CFEVA website.

In most cases, 70% of the sales price goes directly to the artist and 30% supports CFEVA's mission and programs.

All work is available for socially distanced, local pick-up or pick-up from CFEVA offices (except Jill Bell), adhering to all CDC safety protocols. 

Local, national and international shipping is available for an additional fee. Shipping, if requested, will be billed separately. To arrange shipping, please contact Michael Mergen,